Custom Labels

Custom Woven Labels

These can be made with or without your logo.  They can be designed for you or you can send us your own design.

  • With or without logo
  • Designed for you or you can supply your artwork
  • Damask, satin or taffetta
  • Minimum of 500 labels
  • Maximum of 8 colour combination
  • 4 fold finishes or none at all
  • No backing standard sew on labels, or you can choose a stick on label backing or an iron on backing
  • Lead time just over 2 weeks
  • Custom sample can be made at £20 which is refundable against the order when it proceeds.
Custom Printed Satin Labels
If you require a quicker turn around our custom printed satin labels are the answer. They can be printed with your own design. 
  • Soft satin labels
  • Minimum 100 labels
  • Choice of 12 different print colours, maximum of 4 in a single design
  • Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Light Green, Navy, Pink, Red and Yellow/Orange
  • Labels supplied on a roll or cut. No folding service available. Popular when cut as centre fold labels, ready to fold into a seam to be sewn, or to fold ends for sewing in flat.
  • Lead time just over 1 week
  • Custom sample can be made at £10 which is refundable against the order when the order when it proceeds.

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Type of Fold

Center fold

The center fold is used for labels on the neck of clothing. The custom label is folded in the middle and you can then sew the label into the neck seam on the garment.

End fold

The end fold is usually seen as a designer label showing the brand of a garment. The long ends at both sides are folded back and can be sewn into the clothing at the neck. 

Mitre fold

The mitre fold is a long rectangular label with a 45 degree fold at either end of the long label. These custom labels are often used for designer labels and the custom labels are sewn into the neck seam on a garment.

Roll fold

Typically bought when you would rather cut a custom label to size as and when required and do not require a fold. The cheapest way to buy custom labels is on a roll as no folding is necessary.


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Type of Weave

Custom Woven Labels


Damask custom labels have a very detailed weave so are used by most high street brands with many colours in their logo and where they require good definition of the brand name as well.


Satin labels have a silky finish and are printed rather than woven. These are often used in occasion or eveningwear as they have a luxuriously silky, shiny finish.


Taffetta is a twisted woven fabric made from silk. Also used in designer labels regularly. 

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Custom back type

Custom woven

Sew on

Sew on labels are good where you have the ability to sew cuistom labels into the neck seams of your garments during manufacturing.
Custom Sticker


Adhesive labels are the quickest and easiest way to apply labels to finished garments.
Custom Iron Labels

Iron on

Iron on backing on your woven labels means that they can be ironed rather than sewn on and this can be faster and more convenient for some clients.



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Excellent service

Labels4Brands is part of the 5 star Feefo rated Labels4Kids and customer service is important to us. We care. Buy with us and you will notice difference for the better!


Online since 2004

Labels4Brands has been part of the online business, Labels4Kids, since 2004 but has been set up to allow for separate ease of quoting for custom labels and designer labels we already do.


Awesome quality

The quality of our labels is fantastic and if you have any problem at all you know that it will be quickly and efficiently dealt with. 100% money back guarantee.


Designer bespoke labels

Designer labels or bespoke labels are available with or without yoru own artwork. We can do artwork for you or you can supply your own. We also do custom wristbands for events.